Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Preview Night - Photography on a Postcard

Photography on a Postcard is raising money for The Hepatitis C Trust. Simply purchase a lottery ticket and you could be the owner of a unique postcard sized photograph. all taken by iconic photographers  such as Martin Parr, Stephen Leslie and Wolfgang Tillmans. You can purchase your lottery ticket here and you can find out more about the Hepatitis C Trust  here. Auction ends on the 24th October.

Photography on a Postcard, Preview Night 

Keep off the postcards....

Hobnobbing with Peter Zelewski, whose work is featured 

Snappers delight at the theprintspace

Thursday, 5 October 2017

Greetings from Nerja

Spent a very relaxing week in Nerja. Here's a few holiday snaps, enjoy amigos. 

The Good, the bad and the Callaghan

A Gopro Hereo 3+  shot of the Mediterranean 

Either you Mexican or Mexi-cant 

Always love a Spanish font. La Fragata 

Selfies on the Balcony of Europe 

Always feel a bit sad when I see the European flag these days 

Hot Wheels 

old man at sea, taken on my IPhone 5 
Beach bar for hire? 

Help, I'm a rock 

if chairs could talk 

A room with a view, Nerja, Spain 

Thursday, 28 September 2017

We still love everybody and everything is still great!

And the blog is 10…
Friday, 28 September 2007 was the first official Get Callaghan, Google Blog post. But, before we break out the cyber cake, I guess we should drop in to see what condition our condition was in.

Get Callaghan, first Google Blog post, 2007 

Let's set the scene. Back in 2007 the IPhone was relatively new and If you were privileged to have Broadband, then it’s top speed was 4.6 Mbit/s. People still had MySpace accounts (Instagram didn’t start until 2010) which was reflected in the pop charts with Sean Kingston, who was discovered on MySpace taking the number one spot. In film, The Darjeeling Limited was released whilst  over in the Art world, Mark Wallinger won the Turner prize with State Britain. In Sport, Carlos Tevez  made his way to West Ham that summer with Alan Pardew being manager up until December. In other news the recession was lurking just around the corner and you could have picked up a house in Walthamstow for under £200,00. On the other side of the pond, George W. Bush was still president in America.

When the Olympic torch came to Walthamstow, 2012 

Back to the future. I’m back out there freelancing, picture editing and picking up the odd photo commission. I have managed to work my way through a few cameras in the last decade and I’m currently packing a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX100, GoPro Hero3, iPhone 5 and I’m shooting with a full frame, Nikon D610. Photography projects, I’m working on my Walthamstow Pictorial, so more news to follow with that one.  

Wes Streeting with London Mayor, Sadiq Khan. Ilford North, Labour  election campaign 

Nearly time to roll out that cake, many thanks for visiting and If I have inspired you in anyway then that’s a good thing. Okay then, I’ll be spending the afternoon taking a few snaps, Keep on Trucking.  

I guess Rock n' Rollers can have their cake and eat it. The Beatles with Roy Orbison, 1963  

Saturday, 16 September 2017

Monday, 11 September 2017

1 - 4 for a copy, good buddy.

Bumped into these delights at David Titlow's photography exhibition, Eyeball Cards: The Art of British CB Radio Culture.  A good review can be found on the BJP here  and the book is available via Four Corners Books. 

Hanging with the band,  Rowan and The Crops Failed
Jimmy Jay and David 

CB business card from  Eyeball Cards: The Art of British CB Radio Culture

From the  Eyeball Cards: The Art of British CB Radio Culture book, photo courtesy of David Titlow.

Monday, 4 September 2017

Arrivederci Mr Jo Smalley

You're never too far away from a leaving do in this business and last Thursday I dropped by the Blue Fin, aka IPC/Time Warner Towers to say farewell to the Jo Smalley. As always it's a pleasure to see IPC hacks old and new.

   Cio amigo, with godspeed